Monday, April 6, 2015

Back in the Saddle Again!

For being a short month, February seemed to take forever to end. But by its final week, Gryphon was finally starting to show signs of an appetite. Had been hand grazing him as much as I could plus giving pureed carrots, coconut oil and Pro-Bi mixed with electrolytes. Three weeks after the surgery, I gave him several Vitamin B-12 shots spaced a day apart that really spiked his appetite. I also provided Sentinel pelleted feed in addition to the ground oats/corn mixed with hot water and yummy clover and alfalfa hay some good friends helped me find.

We took some short, slow rides with no adverse effects. If anything, he seemed delighted to be going back to work! Gryphon's homecoming on March 31 after getting his first set of shoes since October was a joyous one, and regular training rides resumed. Stay tuned for updates from the Spring Fling ride on April 11!

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